Playlist for the 13th to the 19th of January 2018



James Stewart Keene - This ol T- shirt

Jonny Taylor - Diamonds

Ashie Noey - Love to burn

Georgina Grimshaw - Cafe corner

Sam Outlaw - Two broken hearts

Jasmine Rae - Fly away

Kelvin Cummings - Get it done

Steve Cheers - Sounds of then (This is Australia)

Christie Lamb - Loaded

Cooper's Run - Made in Georgia

Cooper's Run Interview

Tony Cook - That's country

Drew McAlister - Australian proud

Melanie Dyer - Dreamcatchers

Kate Hindle - Ready for the ride

 Missy Lancaster - Heatwave

Jody Direen - Dirt Rich

Adam Toms - To young to know better



























Featured Artist for January 2018

Below are some of our monthly featured artists which will be on
An Hour of Country's weekly rotation throughout the month of January.

Cooper's Run



Coopers Run has appeared on the Johnny High Country Music Revue, the springboard for such superstars LeAnn Rimes, Steve Holy, Lee Ann Womack, Gary Morris, Linda Davis, Box Car Willie, and John Anderson.
In 2010 Coopers Run were crowned New Zealand Country Duo/Group of the year at the National Country Music awards.
Coopers Run have just completed a six month contract with Carnival Cruise Lines based in Florida and servicing the Eastern and Western Caribbean, Mexico and Grand Bahamas’. 2013 saw another huge year for Cooper’s Run releasing their studio album “Unfinished” along with re-claiming their title as NCMA Duo-Group of the year.



























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