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Monday 12pm New Zealand time, Sunday 8pm Eastern time

Country Barnyard 305

Saturdays and Sundays from 12AM-1AM (Eastern time).


Saturday 1.30pm, Monday 11pm,

Wednesday 12.30pm (eastern summer time Australia)


Arrow FM 92.7

Live show - Wednesday 10am (NZ time)


Sunshine Radio UK

Monday 10pm - 11pm UK time, 9am - 10pm New Zealand time


Rim FM 100.1

Monday 4pm (Australian time)













Playlist for the 11th of November to the 17th of November 2017


Drew McAlister - Coming your way

Max T Barnes (Featuring Collin Raye) - I can sleep when I'm dead

Iain Archibald Band -  Rearview mirror

Kayla Mahon - Get you back

Melanie Dyer - Save my cents

Paul Costa - Whisper in the crowd

Aleyce Simmonds - Only on my terms

Stephen Rosney & The Black Axles - Simple life

Stuart Moyles - You ain't goin nowhere

Danny Phegan - From where I stand

Blane Howard - Promise to love her

Kalesti Butler - Down the hall

Phil Doublet - The Day the Spire Fell

David Starr - Waiting in the dark

Max Flynn - Love song to write

Will Day - This country life






















































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