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The Iceman's New Country Radio

Monday 12pm New Zealand time, Sunday 8pm Eastern time

Country Barnyard 305

Saturdays and Sundays from 12AM-1AM (Eastern time).


Saturday 1.30pm, Monday 11pm,

Wednesday 12.30pm (eastern summer time Australia)


Arrow FM 92.7

Live show - Wednesday 10am (NZ time)


Sunshine Radio UK

Monday 10pm - 11pm UK time, 9am - 10pm New Zealand time


Rim FM 100.1

Monday 4pm (Australian time)



Sound Machine Radio

 Wednesday at 6AM and 7PM EST (USA)



Playlist for the 23rd of February to the 2nd of March 2018





Casey Barns - Ain't coming home

NiellyRich - Sunshine good times

Tom Curtain - Livin' in the bush

Steve Cheers - Best part of the world

Tori Forsyth - In the morning

Jenny Mitchell - Let me be

Fanny Lumsden - Elastic waistband

Susan Lily - Musical journey

Chantell Alexi - Lucky girl

Danny Phegan - I'd be over you

Morgan Evans - I do

Kelvin Cummings - Get back up

Kylie Adams-Collier - Younger in Urunga

Aly Cook - Poison rain

Tania Kernaghan - All Australian girl

Phoebe Jay - Rollercoaster ride




















































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